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Breast Enlargement Pumps: The Review

Breast enlargement pumps, as an alternative to breast implant surgery, have been around for quite some time.  An earlier prototype was a foot operated breast enlargement pump that was very popular with around 4 million women in the United States in the 1970s.  They cost $9.95 and worked on the principle of creating suction on the breasts by pumping the pedal.  Unfortunately, they were not very successful and caused a lot of bruising. 

Today you can purchase breast enhancement pumps for $26 and upwards.  They are simple manual devices that consists of plastic domes, that you place over the breasts, and a hand pump that creates the suction.  Air is sucked out of the domes and you hold this position for 5-10 minutes.  The effect of suction to the breasts encourages blood circulation.  However, you can overdo the amount of time that you spend pumping which can result in broken blood vessels, blisters, bruising and damage to the tissues.    

The Brava System is the only breast enlargement pump that has been approved by the FDA.  The device has been well-researched and clinically-tested and has been available since April 2001.  Dr Roger Khouri, a noted plastic and reconstructive surgeon, invented the Brava System, a non-invasive method of breast enlargement.


The Brava system works by a process known as tissue expansion.  Physicians in many forms of reconstructive surgery have used the principle of tissue expansion for over 30 years.  The Brava system works by creating suction on the breast causing the cells to expand and to stimulate their growth.

These biochemical signals sent to the cell, create a gentle pull on the breast tissue. Once this happens, the cells respond by developing new breast tissue growth.  The following illustration demonstrates the principle of tissue expansion.

Brava tissue expansion


or alternatively...

...if your budget does not stretch as far, allow me to assist you in choosing a breast enlargement pump.  

In my ebook, Simple & Easy - Natural Breast Growth, you will discover a number of extremely effective models to suit all budgets.   You will be astounded at just how powerful breast enlargement pumps are.

Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth

Inside the 2009 revised edition of "Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth", you will discover:

  • A range of powerful and proven breast enhancement pills that will save you money and actually work (p41)
  • Finally know which 4 breast enhancing herbs are the most powerful and have the strongest effect on the breast receptor cells (p6-18).  Discover those to avoid if you are taking medications
  • How you can increase your growth with simple but extremely effective breast massage techniques that stimulate tissue regeneration (p29)
  • Find out what every woman over 30 needs to know about a special vitamin that will ignite the cellular power stations to assist breast growth (p26)
  • Simple steps and supplements to take if your breasts have stopped growing to kick start their growth (p59)
  • Discover powerful supplements that deal with the effects of stress and to build stamina (p47)
  • Discover 8 valuable tips for using breast enlargement pumps and a review of the very best out there.   The use of breast pumps has the effect of turbo-charging all the above methods (page48) 
  • Avoid costly mistakes by getting the right information that will enable YOU to get the most benefits out of your breast enlargement methods


If you want to say goodbye to flat, saggy and shrunken breasts, if you desire fuller, perkier and fabulous breasts, then I will help you discover all you need to make it happen.

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Claudia Miller

BAppSc Health Ed

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