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Breast Growth Stories



Breast Growth Stories

I have put together this page to help you find your own products for growing firm breasts.  Many women are searching for information on how to get bigger breasts and there is a lot of good solid evidence that breast growth is achievable if you follow some general rules. 

Included below are several sites where I have had personal experience with their products for breast growth.  These breast growth stories are from ordinary women of all ages and sizes. 

One of my favourite sites for breast growth stories is Greenbush.  Their testimonials are continually updated with new breast growth stories.  Follow the link to their Breast Enlargement Herb Index and on to the many testimonials. 

Greenbush uses herbs that have no fillers, are never irradiated or sprayed with pesticides.  The tinctures that Greenbush use are alcohol free, bio-chelated, holistically balanced and pure.  Read and enjoy a small sampling of their many pages of testimonials!  


Greenbush Testimonials

Toni at 3 weeks

Well, its been three weeks, and I'm very optimistic about your breast enlargement kit. In the first week I experienced tightness, and firmness. By the second week I gained 1inch, and this week so far I have gained another 3/4inches. I plan on sticking with the program until I reach my goal. My goal is three cup sizes, and I do believe I will get there. I'm already tightly fitted in my 34B, I have chosen to go bra-less until I have reached my goal, as to not constrict the blood flow in my breast. I have been taking the capsules, in kit#1 and the fenugreek powder in tea, and also I have mixed the fenugreek powder in my baby oil for twice a day 15 minute massages. I will continue to update you on my progress, I know its early but I just was so excited I had to tell someone.

Results that were reported after 2 months


I just thought I'd write to tell you how amazed I am with the products I've purchased to date! I started using the breast enhancement products (daily capsules and nightly massages of powder) on July 7th and I have already noticed the difference in the firmness and fullness of my breasts; not to mention the fun of having my husbands increased desire to help "massage" the fenugreek oil mixture in at night! I didn't initially measure thinking I wouldn't really see results but I can feel the difference and see it in the way my bras fit. I have now measured and will let you know the "true" numbers in a few more weeks. I am so excited about this product and can't wait to see what the final results will be. Thanks "Greenbush" for making this type of enhancement available to the skeptical! Those of us who wouldn't dream of surgery or spending hundreds of dollars just for a little more OOMPH on top! (Haven't tried the tea but am adding small quantities of the fenugreek powder to fruit smoothies!)

Some more breast growth stories from Greenbush

 I always thought that I was unlucky in everything. So, when I ordered your breast enhancement herbs I expected it would be a huge disappointment. One month later I have experienced a 1 inch increase in my bust size. I could feel the herbs working almost immediately. My chest was hot and felt sore after I took my pills and drank my tea. It tastes yucky, but when I saw the tape measure, it starting tasting a whole lot better. I can't wait to see what will happen in the next four months-4 inches?! One word: I am religous about my program. 18 pills 2 tablespoons of the powder and a 5 minute breast message EVERY DAY. If it can work for me it can work for anyone.

I received my Enlargement Kit last week. I have been taking the herbs for 5 days. My husband is able to tell a difference in the way my breasts feel today! I am so excited. Even if I don't have results I hope for, I will continue taking these herbs. I feel GREAT!! I am amazed at the difference in my energy level. I was a bit surprised that the introduction of these herbs into my body triggered my period, but I've still felt great even on my period. That is very unusual for me. What a wonderful product. I hope everyone learn the benefits of herbs. (Note: the herbs will sometimes adjust the cycle during the first month. The cycle then generally becomes very regular and problem-free.)

I am thoroughly impressed. I started the breast enlargement kit #3 on April 3 (only 4 days ago!) and already feel an improvement. I've always been a "barely" 34 A, and saggy at that. To be honest, I went through an eating disorder in high school and completely screwed up my potential for any breast growth. I'm 21 now, 5' even and 110 lbs. I settled with the notion that I'd never have a womanly body. I feel like a little boy compared to all the curvy women my age. Anyhow, to make a long story short, I have hope now. I would never consider breast implants. Too many if's and risks. So I looked around online and ended up on your doorstep. I have been adding the liquid extracts to chocolate milk 3X/day but haven't used them for massage yet. And I've already noticed quite an improvement. My breasts have been somewhat sensitive the last couple of days and this morning, when I put on my bra, I was amazed by how snug it fit. I haven't measured myself yet, but I can feel the difference. The snugness feels wonderful. I'm hoping for a 34B. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :) I plan to start adding the massage to my routine. I've read the testimonials, and am convinced that daily massages are important.

I just ordered 4 bottles of Enhancement blend capsules, 2 fenugreek powder& 2 feenel seed powder this morning. I hope to receive those before Friday since I am leaving for the Philippines and I will bring it as a present for my 3 sisters who are all excited about it. Yes, I am making progress since I started using it. I am happy now that I am able to use low-cut blouses, to think I've been avoiding those type of dress when I was not yet into your program. Now, I am able to wear daring blouses and would sometimes dare to go braless and I still feel good and wonderful inside. My self confidence has gone up when I started using greenbush products. I am still into cup A but there is already a very noticeable difference and I am very happy about it. I never thought I could improve my bustline and my goal is to be a cup B and I'm working on it.



Breast Success™ is another wonderful site that I can recommend.  Breast Success helps your body regulate the production of hormones that regulate breast tissue. Just like eating a healthy diet, helps keep your body healthy, taking Breast Success™ helps keep your breasts healthy. What most women do not realize is that 80% of women suffer from underdeveloped breasts resulting from imbalances in the hormone levels.  Breast Success™ helps bring balance to the breast enlargement hormones, stimulates breast growth and firms the breasts.

 The results are you "look and feel better" as your body becomes balanced and beautiful. Most women experience a 1-2 cup size increase.  Their testimonials are taken directly from phone calls, feedback forms, clinical study comments, emails and letters from their customers.  You can also listen to the audio clips.


Breast Success™ Testimonials

"I have been using Breast Success now for about a month (I have just started my second bottle of capsules) and I am beginning to see results already. Within the first two weeks I noticed that my breasts were much firmer then they were before. I have now begun to see growth in size. I wasn't even a full A cup and now I am almost a 36A. I have always been self conscious about my breast size (seeing as I really didn't even need a training bra at 25. . .very sad!), and your product has given me the confidence I need. I will certainly be ordering your product in the future. I look forward to giving you more updates as I continue to take the product. Thank you so much for creating a product that truly is for women. I know you have made my outlook on my build 100% better already! "

Thanks again! 

Tampa, Florida


My name is Emilla from Toronto, after my 2nd pregnancy I was overweight, but also my breasts became very small. When I finished breast feeding my baby I became flat and my husband wanted me to get breast enlargement surgery. I was prepared to try anything, but I didn't want to have breast surgery. I knew there where pills available on the internet and I think Breast Success is the best one, so I ordered a 2 month supply and just after 3 weeks I notices results, when I was done using the product my breasts increased 2 cup sizes and I'm very glad I tried the product. I see myself confident and my self esteem and I'm not embarrassed to take my child to her swimming classes and it has also improved my sex life and my husband compliments me on how I look very often."
Thank you

"I felt the pills working right away. Within a few weeks my breasts felt bigger and even more perky. My boyfriend is as happy as pie!"
Natalie West
, Ca.


"It has just been over a couple of weeks since I have been
using breast success and I can already see a change in firmness and shape of my breasts. I'm so pleased I purchased Breast Success, I do not feel any side effects from the pills and they are so easy to take. I thought about having breast surgery but I’m scared to death to go under the knife.
Whoever invented breast success, thank you!"

Kimberley from London

"Hi my name is Angel from Alcoma
I'm just so happy with the success I've had with Breast Success. I've gone from a flappy B cup to almost a D cup.
I' am sure if I keep using it I will totally fill a D cup. I' am just so excited, my breasts are larger and firmer and I look so much better in my clothing. I can't tell you how happy I' am with the success I've had with Breast Success."

Thank You So Very Much  


Breast Actives previously traded as Breast Gain Plus.  You may see the previous product name mentioned in some of the testimonials.  I can vouch for their effectiveness and their products are always delivered discreetly and on time.  

Breast Actives Testimonials

 "I was looking for alternatives before having surgery. I breast fed my son when he was an infant 20 some yrs ago and since then my breasts have been extremely droopy.

My upper chest is boney and it's difficult to find bras. Thank goodness for Victoria's Secret - finally have a bra that fits. However, my breasts were so droopy that there was a gap at the top of my bra when wearing an under wire. Yeah, get the picture? The droop was approximately 3 inches.

Well after 2 months of following the Breast Actives program, I am absolutely thrilled. I can't say enough so far. My breast have filled out on top and on the side so the gap when I have my bra on is almost totally filled in now. My breasts have lifted 1 inch. Amazing! Not to mention my husband cannot believe it either.

I'm planning to take this for the full 6 moths and will write back in the end with the progress".

Monica N.


"I have been using the Breast Actives program for four months now and the results are unbelievable!. Thanks Breast Actives!"

Virginia - Houston, Texas


"I bought a 4 month supply and have already seen a huge difference within about a month and a half. I'm going to put in another order so I don't run out. This stuff is really great."

Danielle - London, England

"I am writing to say THANK YOU! I never thought that I could increase the size of my breasts without surgery. Breast Actives has proven me wrong! Since the starting your system I have gained 2 full cup sizes and the shape and firmness of my breasts has improved significantly. I cannot thank you enough. I am enclosing a photo that shows what Breast

Actives has done for me!"

Veronica, 25 - Hollywood, CA



 All of these products:

Contain a range of specifically chosen herbs for natural breast enhancement

Designed to increase breast size without medicines or surgery

Can assist with the growth of breast tissues and natural breast firming

May assist in creating breast growth after augmentation or implants

May cause soreness or tingling sensations in the breast – this is a sign that the herbal products are working

Contain phytoestrogens which are formulated to be highly effective for natural breast enhancement

Have no known side effects; please consult your medical practitioner if you are unsure

Are especially formulated to help overcome stunted breast growth

Said to be among the best natural breast enhancement products


Some factors may prevent your breasts from achieving natural breast growth in a short period.  I have included this in more detail in my Ebook (page 41), Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth. 

 Please speak with a health practitioner or physician:

  •  If you suffer from severe emotional and physical stress
  •  If you are not eating a reasonably healthy diet
  •  If you are taking strong medications


 For more information on increasing breast size and firm breasts, see my ebook Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth.

You deserve to have beautiful breasts,
so now it is time to take action!



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