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Mountain Rose Herbs

Breast Enlargement Herbs


For the past 15 years, there has been a return of the use of breast growth herbs for women seeking natural methods for breast enlargement.  Women have always been fascinated with the allure of beautiful breasts.  Just as many of us who would like to change something about ourselves, such as a nose that is too large or lips that are too thin, countless surveys show that women see their breasts as one part of their body they would like to change.  

Herbs have been used throughout history for health and healing. Using herbs for breast growth or enhancement is really nothing new.   The mastogenic effects of breast enhancement herbs has long been known and used in various cultures throughout the world dating back to the harem girls in the middle east.  Modern science is becoming aware of the healthy aspects of phyto-estrogens and their role in making breasts grow bigger.

Breast Augmentation 

Breast implant surgery has gained immense popularity as a means of achieving an appealing, well-proportioned breast size.  However, there are risks with any type of surgery and breast augmentation is no different.  There are many implant and litigation horror stories that verify that complications can and do occur.  

This is perhaps the reason why over the last 15 years there has been a return to using herbal breast enhancement for breast growth.  Women are seeking out natural methods to increase breast size to feel more confident and physically appealing.


Breast Growth Herbs - Balance Hormonal System

The good news with herbal breast enlargement is the opportunity to not only achieve bigger breasts, but also at the same time address other health issues. 

Healthy breasts and reproductive systems are indications that the hormones in the body are in balance.  An imbalance in the hormonal system can cause a weakening of the reproductive organs that in turn leads to abnormal tissue growth in breasts.


Breast Growth Herbs that Counter the Affects of Stress

Chronically high levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline weaken the immune system, reduce the ability of the body to repair itself, and slow down breast growth.  Long-term stress can seriously affect the endocrine glands by creating an excess of cortisol.  

Dr. John Lee, who wrote the classic bestseller What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause says, "Cortisol inhibits progesterone production by the ovaries. With stress, your body will produce high levels of cortisol that can significantly reduce progesterone production and cause estrogen dominance."  A delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone is required for healthy natural growing boobs. 

Check out what Dr Mark Hyman in his Ultra Wellness series can tell you on how you can keep your hormone systems from getting out of balance.  This is great information.

There are a number of breast enhancement herbs that women can include in their diets to gently balance the hormones.  These breast growth herbs in turn will help in the promotion of healthier breasts and an increase in breast size as thousands of women have already experienced.  

  • Discover for yourself in my ebook which breast growth herb may counter the harmful effects of cortisol, reduces cholesterol and slow down the ageing process (page 39-40).

Learn some Shocking Truths about Breast Enlargement Herbs

The breast enlargement herbs that we recommend have been safely used for centuries.  The phyto-nutrients in these herbs for the breasts have been featured in many books about breast health and the prevention of breast cancer. 

However, if there are major health complications present in your life, it is important to seek the advice of a medical practitioner before commencing any herbal breast-enhancement protocols described in my ebook Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth.

  • Discover which breast enhancement herb may affect hypoglycemia (page 11)

  • Which breast enlargement herb to avoid if you are taking diabetic medications, suffer from an allergy to peanuts or are low in iron (page 10)
  • As a rule-of-thumb, breast enlargement herbs are not recommended for pregnant women. 

  • Which herbs for breast enlargement are great for weight loss (p12) as they act as an appetite suppressant
  • YOU will discover breast enlargement herbs that are effective in dealing with a range of fungi and yeast problems (p12)
  • Discover the breast enlargement herb that is excellent for bone health


Check out my ebook Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth for all that you need to know about herbs for breast enhancement.  Cut through so much of the hype that is out there and learn simple methods for successful breast enlargement.  

A Few Words from Customers: (these are kindly provided by the suppliers of breast enlargement herbs that I endorse 100%).

As I've said before I love your sight and your products are wonderful. I started with breast enlargement in mind, which has worked beautifully, I've gained 1 1/2 cup sizes and they're much firmer, and they're still growing. Childbirth had left them very unsightly, not anymore. Then I also discovered the other beneficial herbs and they have made such a positive change in my life. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

I work in marketing :) so I'm very skeptical of any "wonder" cures but I'm absolutely amazed by the results of these herbs. I feel great and I'm already gaining a lot of confidence that I just may see some good breasts by the end!

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