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Foods to Increase Breast Size

All breast growth herbal supplementation benefits tremendously when you include a diet of healthy nutritious foods.  However, foods by themselves won’t increase breast size.  Research indicates that imbalances in hormone levels are thought to be the cause of underdeveloped breasts in the majority of women.  It is well-known that many foods play an integral role in supporting any program of breast enlargement as you will discover below.


Foods that Protect against Hormonal Imbalances

  • Include a good variety of fruits and vegetables as they contain lots of vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients
  • Red cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and broccoli - the cruciferous vegetables are good for cancer prevention
  • Download a FREE copy of my Breast Growth Diet book to discover the types of foods that are excellent for reducing cholesterol and for maintaining good bone structure.  
  • Include a rainbow of fruits and vegetables that are brightly coloured such as blueberries, strawberries and beetroot.  They contain anthocyanins which protect the cells from free-radical damage
  • Discover the types of foods which help prevent cells from mutating (page 4 in Breast Growth Diet)

Limit foods high in saturated fats
  • Cut back on biscuits, spreads and pastries
  • Discover how chemical hormones in certain foods will actually shrink the breasts (page 6 in Breast Growth Diet).  Without this vital information you can undermine any natural breast enlargement

Eat foods that are fresh and seasonal as Chef Keith Snow will show you in the following video.

Replace them with Breast Growth Friendly Foods

  • Good fats such as olive oil, avocado and nuts − in particular walnuts.  Having a healthy weight is particularly important.  Obesity increases the chance of breast cancer.  It is said that a small reduction in weight can significantly lower the risk. 
  •  There are studies which highlight the importance of taking Vit D and calcium (almonds) in your diet to give protection against breast cancer. 
  •  Sockeye salmon are an exceptionally rich source of vitamin D: a 4-ounce serving of baked or broiled sockeye salmon provides 739.37 IU of vitamin D.
  •  To get the most of your natural breast enhancement diet, look for foods which contain estrogens.  Estrogens suppress inflammation in the tissues of the body and help the body to maintain and repair itself.

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Yummy Recipe – Breast Growth Diet

             Avocado recipe

 Avocado and Chicken Burrito

Prep Time

Cook Time


8 Minutes

10 Minutes




  • 4 small chicken breasts
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 4 tortillas
  • 1 cup reduced fat sour cream or natural yogurt
  • 1 x 220g jar of salsa
  • 8 large lettuce leaves
  • 1 large red onion, cut into wedges
  • 1 red capsicum, seeds removed and finely sliced
  • 2 avocadoes sliced


Here's how to prepare

1. Heat olive oil in a large frying pan and cook chicken for 5 minutes each side. Remove chicken and slice.

2. Warm tortillas according to packet instructions.

3. Smooth a quarter of sour cream and salsa over each tortilla and top with lettuce, chicken, onion, capsicum and avocado.

4. Roll and serve.

For more yummy avocado recipes which will provide a good basis for natural breast growth:  http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/better-homes-gardens/361/avocado-recipes/




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