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Breast Enlargement Hormones

Balancing Your Hormones for Natural Breast Growth

Do you suffer from any of the following conditions that include low levels of energy, sleeplessness, do you have cold hands and feet, headaches, mood swings, constipation, indigestion, low libido, heavy periods, water retention, menopausal symptoms and skin problems?

According to Mary-Ann Shearer, best selling author of the Natural Way series, this is a sign that your hormones are not happy and that there is an imbalance in the hormonal system

The hormone or endocrine system is made up of a collection of interrelated glands (see the following below) that is responsible for regulating metabolism, growth, development and puberty, tissue function and influences how we feel.  The hormonal system includes the pituitary, pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, reproductive and the hypothalamus glands.  An imbalance in any of these glands will influence the supply of hormones around the body that in turn can prevent successful breast growth development.   

Endocrine System

Major endocrine glands. (Male left, female on the right.) 1. Pineal gland 2. Pituitary gland 3. Thyroid gland 4. Thymus 5. Adrenal gland 6. Pancreas 7. Ovary 8. Testes

Adrenals and Growth Breast Development

Hormones control nearly every function in the body including the kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, heart and the reproductive system.  They are chemical messengers that are made, stored and then released into the blood by the different glands. 

DHEA also referred to as the mother hormone is supplied by the adrenal glands and is responsible for the supply of hormones including estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. When levels of DHEA fall dangerously low, we are at risk of an imbalance in the endocrine system and are more likely to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer. 

The adrenal glands help to control mineral salt levels, blood pressure, blood sugar and mobilize fats for energy.  It stimulates protein use, controls inflammation and immune response. It helps the body to cope with stress.  Long-term stress can seriously affect these glands by creating an excess of cortisol. 

Dr. John Lee, who wrote the classic bestseller What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause says, "Cortisol inhibits progesterone production by the ovaries. With stress, your body will produce high levels of cortisol that can significantly reduce progesterone production and cause estrogen dominance."  A delicate balance of estrogen and progesterone is required for healthy natural growing boobs.   

Discover which herb (chapter 10 in my ebook) may help fight the debilitating effects of stress and keep excessive levels of cortisol at bay and breast enlargement hormones at peak levels to enable greater success in your natural breast growth program. Vitamin C helps the adrenals to function properly.  Include adequate amounts of raw fruit and vegetables in your diet. 



Liver and Natural Breast Growth

If your liver is not filtering and cleansing the blood, it will affect your growth breast development by blocking the flow of nutrients and herbs into the breast receptor cells.  Find out in my ebook (page 40) information on a liver cleansing herb that may assist in the repair and growth of new liver cells when the liver has been damaged or weakened.


Hormonal Imbalance - effect on Growing boobs?

Dr Mark Hyman in his UltraWellness series will tell you how to keep your hormone systems from getting out of whack.  This is great information!

Here are a few of the everyday foods that we all consume without thinking of their effect on the hormonal system and which we can from now on refer to as hormone wreckers.  We are led to believe that aspartame, an artificial sweetener, is good for avoiding calories from sugar.  Aspartame is marketed under a number of brand names, including NutraSweet and Equal.  It is an ingredient which is used in approximately 6,000 consumer foods and beverages sold worldwide. 

Aspartame according to independent research can cause disorders of the central nervous system and the endocrine system.  It is suspected of slowing down the function of the thyroid, which means a slowing down of the weight you are trying to lose. 

Refined sugar affects the hormonal system by causing a drop in blood sugar levels.  This causes the pituitary, adrenal and thyroid glands to malfunction which may lead to endocrine system disorders such as mood swings and hot flashes.  Refined sugar can also cause panic attacks, fainting, epileptic seizures and migraines.  Ultimately this will affect your growth breast development as the endocrine system copes with the imbalance.

According to Sherrill Sellman in her book “Hormone Heresy: What Women Must know About Their Hormones” the following contribute to conditions of hormonal imbalance:  caffeine, alcohol, dairy products, fatty foods, margarine, pharmaceutical drugs, lack of sleep, junk food, dieting, dehydration, hormone laden meat and pesticide-sprayed foods.   

It pays off in the long run to look after your hormonal system.  Your vital organs will be able to function more smoothly and there will be less need to rely on harmful drugs.  The vital growth hormones produced by the pituitary will help you looking younger longer.  Your metabolism will be more effective in controlling your body weight. 

However, if you think you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, please speak to your doctor right away. He will make a proper diagnosis and provide you with treatment options for your specific condition.  In the meantime, do your hormones a favour and adopt a healthy and balanced diet.  This is crucial for hormonal health and overall systemic balance.

Allow me to walk you through the steps of transforming your breast size from flat to fuller, perkier and fabulous.  Click on the Order Now  button below to download a copy of Simple & Easy - Natural Breast Growth.

A Few Words from Customers:

As to my progress, I've been on the herbs for 1 month now, and am seeing very positive changes! Prior to starting, my breasts were not only tiny, but saggy as well, and I was ashamed of how they looked. Now after a month, they have plumped right up and are very round and beautiful again, just like they looked in college! I'm delighted already. They're still an A-cup, but they're a beautiful round A that I'm proud of. I'm going to stay on the herbs for at least 4 months to see what growth I might get. And I like the health benefits of the fennugreek so much that I might stay on that for life.


I have to say, I'm amazed, I come from a LONG line of flat chested women and really didn't think the "genetic" thing would co operate. I'll be sticking with this for the long term and will update you on my progress if you like. I SAW the "surgery" performed on TV and realized there was NO WAY I could deal with that! So, I really can't thank you enough for this outrageously kewl alternative. If my results continue I guarantee you'll be hearing from MANY of my friends formally known as the ones who USED to call me bread board. :)


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