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How to Make Small Boobs Look Bigger


Women with small breasts often lament their condition and wonder what can be done to increase breast size.  If you are unhappy with the size of your small boobs, think twice before going under the knife.  Did you know that there are just as many large breasted women who would love to have smaller breasts?


There are a number of things that you can do however to make small boobs look bigger.  This is very possible without the risks or expense of surgery.  Of course, these methods are also reversible, so you can achieve the look of bigger breasts while enjoying the advantages of having small breasts.  (Discover in my ebook what you can do to achieve real increases in breast size).


Fashion Tips


  • Choose clothing that accentuates your smaller breasts.  Form fitting tee shirts and blouses with high necklines can help make boobs look bigger 
  • A strapless dress in a fifties style cut in a semi-rigid fabric and nipped in at the waist suits all body shapes and looks fabulous
Keira Knightley
  • Small breasts look great in polo neck tops 
  • Team up a bustier with a sleeveless jacket or vest for a wonderful look 
  • Yes, even plunging necklines (so much adored by Kate Moss and Keira Knightley) can flatter small breasts.  Go braless for an even sexier look
Keira Knightley
  • Cross your bra straps at the back.  This will lift the breasts, making them look larger 
  • You can use a push-up bra to do this too, with a little extra padding for just a touch of increase in size 
  • If you’re very slim, you can wear a loose flowing top in a slightly larger size with the top button undone.  Sexy! 
  • Ruffles and lace on a top will make those small boobs look bigger



Secret Make-Up Tips


If you're going out on the town wearing something that shows cleavage, use a little trick that can draw attention to those small breasts to make them look bigger.


1.       Wear a push up bra.


2.       Then lightly brush bronzer using a blush brush across the top of the breasts using light strokes. Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin tone to add a shadow effect to cleavage. 


3.       Bring it right across to the sides of the breasts if you are wearing a wide-scooped plunging neckline


4.       Then apply an ivory shade with a thinner brush in the center of the breasts


5.       Blend it in gently to give it all a natural look and voila you have cleavage and your small boobs will look bigger



Alternatives to Breast Implant Surgery


Just as there are many ways to make small boobs look bigger, you will find there are just as many natural options available to increase breast size.  Consider learning more about some of these.


  • The positive effect that a wholesome diet has on breast enlargement


  • The role that targeted breast enlargement exercises play in helping to enhance the appearance of small breasts (learn great tips in my bonus copy “Firm Breast Exercises”)



  • Learn all you can about the many herbs that promote breast growth  (discover some common herbs in my ebook pages 5-15)


Remember that bigger isn’t necessarily always better.  Enjoy yourself even if you have small boobs and learn all you can to maximize their appeal while you look at your options to make small boobs bigger.  You can look sexy and gorgeous with small boobs.  Just look at Keira Knightley!


For more information on increasing breast size and growing bigger boobs, see my ebook Simple & Easy – Natural Breast Growth.



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